One and Done: Mexico

This year we will be tracking each of our writers’ performances in our 100 person One And Done (OAD) pool. For those of you who do not know what a OAD pool is, it is a season long contest in which you select one golfer per week with the golfer’s earned money that week adding to your season total. Once you select a golfer, you cannot use him the rest of the year (so, no, you cannot pick DJ or Tiger every week).

Genesis Results

Tony Kasper: Adam Scott, 1st-1.674M
Frank Laterza: Dustin Johnson, T10-235K
Sean Carney: Dustin Johnson, T10-235K
Mike McNamara: Tiger Woods, 68th-19K
Kevin Walsh: Justin Thomas, MC-0K
Jake Mulholland: Justin Thomas, MC-0K
Bear: Bubba Watson, MC-0K
Jack Corrigan: Bubba Watson, MC-0K

-2 wins in 7 events by Tony, very impressive. Can he keep hold of the top spot for multiple weeks? Not an easy thing to do this early in the season.

-DJ looked primed for a Sunday run, so his riders have to be disappointed by the 4th round 72. But….

-Not as disappointed by the rest of the gang. Dead last of money makers. MC. MC. MC. MC. Not good ever, but even worse when riding the guys they rode.

Season Standings through Week 7:

Place Name Points Wins Top 5 Top 10 Cashes Events
1 TKASPER31 3,397,525 2 3 4 6 7
15 LEFTY SLICE 2,042,509 1 2 3 5 7
19 ITALIANMAMBA 1,811,613 0 2 4 6 7
27 WHITE WOLF 1/5 1,690,577 1 1 2 6 7
42 CHASIN A DREAM 1,243,230 0 1 2 7 7
49 MOULINROUGE 1,176,862 0 2 2 4 7
62 JROONS 965,765 0 1 3 5 7
65 ITONLYTAKES1 930,913 0 1 1 6 7

Mexico Picks

Kevin Walsh: Jon Rahm — Whew. Last week was not a good one for us. We failed, and by we I mean Justin Thomas probably had his worst week in a year. He pressed, couldn’t find greens early, seemed extremely rattled trying to get it together, and then couldn’t make a putt once he did find some GIR. Maybe we shouldn’t ride the man talking a big game unless it’s Brooksy or TW. Either way, these things happen, and quite frankly sometimes you need failure. Without adversity, how do we know what kind of OAD picker we are? With that being said, we are not going to play scared. Right back to the well we go, with another top 5 player in the world: Jon Rahm. Rahm has been playing extremely well for a while now, but just hasn’t been able to find the winner’s circle. We think that can change this week. A solo 3rd here in 2017 shows his ability to play this course, and though we rode Jon here last year to a 40th or so finish, that was a fluke. Fool me one time, shame on you, fool me two times…don’t fool me again Rahmbo! Let’s bounce back.

Tony Kasper: Sergio Garcia — Having two winners picked at this point of the season feels great, but there’s still plenty of work to be done, especially in this pool.  I picked Sergio here last year and he was in contention before DJ and Rory broke away from the pack.  I like picking him in this event since there’s no cut, and his history here speaks for itself (12th, 7th, 6th).  This is one event where he should always be on bettors/OAD’ers radar.

Frank Laterza: Rory McIlroy — I think JT is live here as well coming off a MC, and he’s played well here before. However – right or wrong – i have him pegged for a tournament later in the year. So i’ll pivot to Rory (woe is me, right?) Came in 2nd last year, he’s 2nd in strokes gained overall, and he’s had about 212 straight top 10’s. Big purse, big player. I’ve had putting magic with Rory before at Bay Hill in 2018. Can we get some putts to fall on a Sunday?! The Force is with us this weekend, i feel.

Mike McNamaraXander Schauffele — In big boy events, Xander is seemingly always in contention. I need a good result this week to get me back on track and there aren’t many guys in this field I’m more confident in than Schauffele. Don’t expect him to be owned by that many, and I think this could be the week he finally gets Kapalua completely out of his head. Throw up the X!

BearAdam Scott — Why not him?! He’s won two straight starts, now let’s make it a turkey. I think he’s just in one of those dominant zones. He’s going to have a special year, and I want to take advantage and be a part of it. C’mon now!

Sean Carney: Gary Woodland — Going with Gary Woodland this week. As much as I wanted to pull trigger on Fleety or Louie O, always a question mark taking a European playing in their first event over the pound. Regardless, with the altitude this week, this is a bombers paradise. Woodland is a guy who can hit it with the best of them. Given the altitude, guys may struggle to adjust to wedge yardages. With that being said, I targeted a guy who can be green side on multiple par 4s where adjusting sand wedges won’t be as big of an issue versus adjusting pitching wedges and 9 irons. Hoping Gary rises to the occasion this week.

Jake Mulholland: Tommy Fleetwood — Tommy’s hot and no one knows it. Hoping to keep it that way. I’ve struggled so far this year getting two MCs from two of the World’s best (Rose and JT). In fairness I don’t really like those two heavy hitters and in the past have done better in the first fourth of the season. This week is my turnaround as I take a quality player not on the Monday-Friday menu. Surprisingly enough, the European chiller has yet to capture his first PGA tour win. Like Finau, Fleetwood always seems to be in the mix but never closes out. To be fair, his closest chance was in 2018 during the US open when he lost by 1 to Brooks. During that round he fired a 63, leading all players in round 4 scoring when the dust settled. Tommy has the stones, has been successful here before, is on an international tear, and has one of my favorite swings on tour. After watching him play in the 2018 Dell Match Play, I have modeled my putting stroke and stance after Mr. Fleetwood. In fact I got the same Nike shoes that year in white and black cause of him. Quality guy and Ive struck gold here in Mexico previously. Hoping to run in back baby. Let’s ride.

Jack CorriganDustin Johnson — Riding the wave back to back weeks and I could care less. The trend of Dustin Johnson is telling me he is due this week to win and anytime I believe a guy is going to win I am going to pick him. He wants to keep his streak alive, he feels extremely comfortable at this course, his ball flies 100 more yards. I have a lot of faith in Dustin after grinding in L.A., I believe he will find these greens to be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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