Brooks vs. Bryson: What to Make of the Rivalry so Far

As the 2020 PGA Tour season swings into form, there are a number of topics to talk about. However, one interesting rivalry has once again taken center stage. After a few comments back and forth a couple months ago, Brooks and Bryson seemed to be all patched up following an appearance on radio together.

Seems as though Mr. Dechambeau wasn’t completely satisfied however, responding to his followers while on a twitch live stream that Brooks’ genetics weren’t that great, and if they had seen the ESPN Body Issue, they would see he didn’t have abs. “I have abs”, he declared. Well, seeing that Bryson has minimal leverage at all in this argument, it was only a matter of time before Brooksy chose his winning card, which he delivered beautifully by tweeting a picture of his 4 Major Trophies, agreeing with Bryson that he indeed was 2 short of a 6 pack. A brilliant play by Koepka, and one that Bryson had to know was coming. Let’s dig a little deeper into this duo’s beef and see what there is to gain for each of them.

BK Tweet

Bryson: 5 PGA Tour Victories, 1 International Victory, 0 Majors

I love this move by Dechambeau. Quite frankly, he’s got nothing to lose. I love a little trash talk in sports, and it seems as though these two have been relatively friendly with it, so I don’t expect it to transform into anything to over the top. From Bryson’s point of view, he can garner some attention, call out probably the best player in the world, and if he beats him in they’re next head to head battle, even better. Unfortunately for him, he is severely lacking in golfs ultimate trump card, which is the majors. He may never even win the 4 Brook’s already holds, but I’m sure it would appease him to take on Brooks at any event and try to get the better of the man who he feels called him out, even if he may never approach the career accolades Brooks will. Bryson is punching above his weight class, but he is a damn good player in his own right and you have to respect the fearlessness to call out a guy like Koepka.

Brooks: 7 PGA Tour Victories, 7 International Victories, 4 Majors

Honestly, I think the most Brooks can get out of this right now is some entertainment, which he seemed to achieve with his pretty epic tweet. He knows he holds the upper hand, and unlike in other sports (basketball, football, even baseball) there’s only so much you can do when it comes to trash talk in golf. Brooks may be the best in the world at blocking out the noise and playing his game, and I expect he will continue to do just that, maybe with a little extra umph the next few times he faces off with the Mad Scientist. I would much prefer another alpha forming a rivalry with Brooks (Rory, JT, Tiger, etc). It seems like Tiger or JT would be the most likely to emerge at this point, and it would be pretty sweet to see a few of these guys get to duel it out in big tournaments numerous times this year. Personally, the Bryson/Brooks rivalry doesn’t do a ton for me, even if Bryson manages to edge him out a few times. Say Bryson wins a major or two in the next few years and they’re still trading barbs, then you’ve got something.

All in all, its refreshing to see guys not be afraid to speak their minds and handle a little trash talk on the PGA Tour. It’s entertaining for the fans, and adds a little extra for the players as well. I would definitely enjoy if other players followed suit. Maybe fate will grant us a Bryson/Brooks showdown in a major this year, which would now be must watch television.

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