Coffee with Rouge: THE PLAYERS Championship

Happy Sunday to all- hoping to add some flavor to your Sunday morning ritual with a couple tips for improving your game. In addition, this segment will also include a brief review and key players to watch heading into the final round of the tournament at hand.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • weekly post every Sunday
  • incorporated theme of the week (or upcoming couple weeks)
  • article or link relating to the theme of the week
  • key points of the article or video summarized
  • recap of any major news stories from the week
  • a preview of round four of the current tournament in progress as well as predicted champion

Theme of the week: Breaking 90

How we’re improving: Breaking 90

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealing with your Nemesis Hole– first, stop calling it your nemesis hole. Self-talk is poor, make sure to keep your thoughts positive as you approach your next shot or next hole.
    • If you change what you say, you can change how you play
    • Get out and practice on the holes you struggle with
  • TAKE YOUR MEDICINE– Plot your way around the golf course… don’t force a shot that isn’t there.
    • Strategically chip away from trouble… see the next shot before it happens
  • Choose a favorite chipping club
    • important for you to identify club that will give you best response and most consistency
    • flexibility is important, but find that favorite club
  • Don’t attempt something you haven’t practiced
    • flop shot from 10 yards off green downhill- try it off the course, then implement on course if you are confident you can execute
  • Mastering Par 3s
    • take charge of the Par 3
    • Average over par on Par 3s in 2016 PGA tour season
    • Become aware with your club carry yardages
    • Aim for the middle of the green, dont aim at the flag!
    • Go one club up if you have to, dont be unrealistic with your yardages

What we’re watching: Round 4 of the Players Championship


Who we’re watching:

Favorites to win-

Dustin Johnson (T6)- DJ has been consistent all week and has hit 83.33% of Greens In Regulation. First round 69 backed by a 68 in the second and another 69 in the third round has landed DJ within the TOP 10 heading into round four. If Dustin wants to win, he’s going to have to shoot at least a seven shots under par and bank of some players at the top faltering.

Rory McIlroy (T2)- Seems like he is in this position every week. I think today is the day Rory will finally capitalize on his good form. Heading into April, a PLAYERS win will sure boost the 29 year olds confidence.


Old timer making a run-

Jim Furyk (T6)- similar to Vijay’s run at the Honda Classic, Furyk has been able to hang tight with the heavy hitters at the top of the leader board. His steady swing, smooth putting, and calm demeanor will assist the experienced vet as he sets out to make a run at THE PLAYERS. Realistically a championship run is not in the cards, given the fact he is 6 shots back, but a top 5 is not out of the question.


Sleeper of the week-

Abraham Ancer (5)- steadily a solid performer on the tour this year, Ancer will be looking to take down the best in the world this afternoon. Rahm, Fleetwood, Day and McIlroy all sit ahead of Ancer so the road will be tough. Ancer is capable of going low so players would be smart not to underestimate the Mexican superstar.



Tommy Fleetwood. First win on tour at THE PLAYERS is just what the doctor ordered. After falling apart at the API last week, Fleetwood will be dialed in today and looking to take the crown. Rahm and McIlroy are destined to bring in a couple bogeys and Day may not have the stamina to outlast the other top five contenders. Fleetwood shoots 67 in the final round and wins THE PLAYERS Championship by one shot @ (-19)



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