Top 10 Bets of Super Bowl LIII

We already went over the game itself in our Super Bowl Preview, and as promised, we are now going to look at the Top 10 bets we like for the big game on Sunday. In order, here are 10 bets you can place Sunday to put some money in your pocket:

10) Tails on the coin toss

Who doesn’t love a bet before the game? You may think, “this is all luck, why would I bet tails?” Well, during my senior year at St. Norbert College, I called every single coin toss before our games. I went an astonishing 0-10. So please, if you were going to fade any of these, fade tails, and keep an eye on that coin!

9) Todd Gurley MVP 14/1

This is a great bet if you think the Rams are going to win or have a Pats future you are trying to hedge. As we wrote about in the preview, I can’t see the Rams having success in this game without Gurley having success in this game, and 14/1 is a great value number. He is the face of this offense on the field, and will be the face of the Super Bowl should the Rams win.


8) Gurley rush attempts Over 14.5

8 and 9 go together. If Gurley is to win this award, they will feed him early and often to get him into a rhythm. The Patriots haven’t been good against the run all year, and the Rams do not want to let the Patriots get ahead and control tempo. Best way to do that? Give your best player the ball and chew clock yourself.

7) Chris Hogan Over 42.5 receiving yards AND Chris Hogan longest reception Over 19.5 yards

As we wrote in the preview, 32% of the touchdowns the Rams gave up came over 20 yards through the air. Chris Hogan is the best deep threat Tom Brady and the Patriots have, and he should avoid Talib and draw Peters, who has a history of being over aggressive and getting beat deep. In the last 2 Super Bowls, Hogan has caught 10 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown. I could see these 2 props hitting on one throw of the ball.

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots

6) Sony Michel Over 79.5 rushing yards

Vegas is starting to catch on, as this number for Sony as risen every game during the playoffs. Do not fret if he starts out quietly, as I think McDaniel’s will use his RB1 to wear down this Rams front 7 after bombarding them with play action. A few 10+ yard runs should help make this prop hit for the 3rd time in these playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

5) Rob Gronkowski Over 54.5 yards

We saw LIFE from Rob against the Chiefs. Tom showed that he still will go to Gronk when given the 1 on 1 coverage, and when he needs a completion late in the game. Against 4 elite tight ends, the Rams gave up an average of 6 catches for 76 yards. As rumors of retirement surround him, Gronk hopefully rides off into the sunset with a large game and a ring to show.

Rob Gronkowski, Ron Parker

4) Josh Reynolds Over 47.5 yards

Cooks should draw the patent Bill Belichick double team, and Robert Woods has accepted his invitation to Gilmore Island. Who steps up? Enter Josh. Since Cooper Kupp went down, his usage has skyrocketed, and he should have his opportunities in this one. Last week, he racked up 4 catches on 7 targets for 74 yards. Expect more of the same.

Packers Rams Football

3) Under 58

This is down to 56.5, and I still like it. I think the Rams understand the importance of their offense being on the field and keeping Brady off it for as long as possible. We have also harped on the Rams getting Gurley involved early and often. Bill Belichick gets 2 weeks to prepare, and if the Patriots get a lead, expect them to use clock while methodically moving the ball down the field.

2) 1st half Under 28

The Patriots have scored a total of 3 points in the 1st quarters of all 8 previous Super bowl appearances. Only 4 players on the Rams roster have been in the Super Bowl. There will be a feeling out process, there will be butterflies, and it may be ugly early. If I didn’t like a side, this would be #1, but I do like a side…


1) Patriots -1

This is up to -2.5, but there is a -130 ML out there, and I fancy that a little more. Ultimately, however, I like both numbers. I think this is a tough match up for the Rams linebackers and safeties. Shutting down Gurley is priority 1, 2, and 3, and if they do that, and this inexperienced Rams team falls behind, I’m not sure how they’ll respond. We also have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on our side. Number 6 coming back to Titletown.


Let’s make a little moneys! Cheers.

-Frank Laterza

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