Rule #1: Always Be Persistent, Why Stenny will Ride “Old Trusty” to the Top of Shinny Hills

First and foremost, I am very happy to be writing about one of the five founding clubs of the USGA. As a USGA member and lifelong golf enthusiast I was more than willing to renew my membership this past weekend for a mere $25. Upon the processing of my payment, a slick green Shinny hat and ball marker will be headed my way. After three months of hassling, and six final notices later, I gave in. For the love the game, I caved. Bonus check comes in July 15th so I figured why not… right?

Persistence- the USGA has been and always will be persistent with their renewal advertisements. The US Open winners have and always will be persistent. This year is no different. In my opinion, the winner of this year’s US Open will show the utmost persistence throughout the Thursday and Friday rounds and well into the weekend. Persistence requires grit, stamina, and a positive attitude in golf. This particular golfer will continuously attack the flagstick. The winner will show an immense amount of grit through the first two rounds. At first, he will battle for pars and claw for birdies. Going into the weekend he will be at best tied for 15th. However, he will overcome the competition and make great headway toward the top 10 on Moving Day. On Sunday, he will be dueling it out with reigning champ Bad Brooksie Koepka and Justin Rose. Ultimately he takes this one in a playoff. Cheers to Stenson, you’ve earned this one.

As we saw in the 2016 Open, the game is a marathon of four rounds, not a sprint. My favorite course in the world, Oakmont Country Club, proved to be a difficult test for practically the entire field. Similar to the track at Oakmont, the USGA has made efforts to tighten the fairways and grow the fescue out at Shinny Hills. As a result, the winner of this year’s 2018 US Open will be the man still carrying a club from 2008 aka Old Trusty (3 Wood Callaway Diablo Octane Pro).


Early Bird SpecialMr Rahm will drop in a few quick ones and feel on top of the World. Don’t get too excited though, because his emotions are bound to get in his way when the weekend arrives. Rahm’s a guy who has top 5 potential every week, but needs to cool off a little, or a lot. I think his putter is hot on Thursday and Friday and Saturday he’ll drop a few and fall outside of the top 25 due to errant drives and a possible broken club. Rahm post a meager 35th to finish at this year’s Open.

Two Baconators for $10.99… sounds like a deal but then you realize Wendy’s is selling each individually for $5. Sounds like you’re getting stiffed. Not to mention they aren’t very good for your health. Pretty Ricky won’t do much this week and unfortunately he just got engaged. Congrats though, marriage is tight. Remember what happened when Sergio had a kid? He posted a 13 on number 15 at the Masters. Remember when Ricky got engaged, he missed the cut at the US Open in 2018.

Who cut the cheese?… said the cutter of said cheese 90% of the time. Phil, what a prankster you are! Knew he had too much dairy this morning. Phil’s driver wont be with him this week and as a result he’ll glide along the middle of the pack unnoticed. This may be my hottest take of the week given the fact he’s still searching for the Career Grand Slam and seems to have the form to accomplish such a feet. Mickelson finishes at 43rd.

I am Groot… DJ gets a bad wrap sometimes and I’m okay with that. Similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s character (Groot), some critics may claim he’s dumb as a doornail. I don’t think he cares though, because he has a great life with Gretsky’s daughter hanging around in Lulu lemon get ups. I don’t blame him. A proven winner, hot wife /fiancé/ girlfriend /all of the above. In my eyes he’s one of the most enjoyable players to watch on the course, not only for his skill but also for his approach to golf itself. I’m staying the course and predicting a top 10 out of World #1 this week. When he’s hot, he’s hot.

Billy’s Sister’s Cousin’s Friend’s Brother…the person who I am describing is actually Byeong-Hun An. I like An. He wont make a big run at the title, but he’ll come away with some cash this week. He is type of guy that is very capable of posting top 10 numbers and has three top 5’s to his name this year. In 2016, he finished 23rd at Oakmont. That experience, coupled with the tight fairways should play to his liking this week. He’s a grinder so expect a top 25 this week from An.

Red Gatorade is better than Yellow Gatorade… said no one ever. In fact, Red Gatorade tastes like the Tylenol my mom used to give me when I was coughing at night. Anyways, Ian Poulter is the Red Gatorade fanatic in the mix this week that is prepared to rise up against the odds. No one enjoys Poulter on or off the course. His egos, in addition to his sarcastic demeanor are two things I dislike about him. Not to mention, I’ve attempted two high fives and one fist bump over my time attending PGA events and so far I am 0/3 with Poults. Although pretty lame, this type of focus is unprecedented and although he may be one of the most unlovable dudes on tour, he’s got the stuff going for him this year. Five top 25s in last 6 events and a win under his belt. We’ve seen that he is phenomenal under pressure (Houston Open win to qualify for Masters) and has the stamina to outlast his opponents (WGC Match Play, 5th). I see him in the Top 20 this week at Shinny Hills.


See you at the Hills,


Moulin Rouge

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