Podcast: Episode 13, All Star Break Week with Guest Mike Brey


The boys welcome on their biggest guest yet: Head Coach of the Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Program, Mike Brey. They talk with Coach about all things ND basketball, including taking a look back at memorable past seasons, games, and moments. This episode is a must listen for any ND basketball fan, but it really is an enjoyable listen for any sports fan because Coach Brey is simply an incredible interview.

Because of the special format of the Zurich Classic, this week’s episode was treated as an “All Star Break Week” with the podcast mostly focusing on the interview. Be sure to check out everyone’s picks later today in an article on the site.

Episode Breakdown

  • Intro and Brief Texas Open Review (0:00-5:00)
  • Interview with Mike Brey (5:01-47:52)
  • Closing Remarks (47:53-50:16)


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