One and Done Recap: Houston Open

Well, the Houston Open has come to a close and I think we are all fairly pleased about that. No diss to the tournament, as it was a great finish, but we are all ready for Masters week. Let’s get a quick recap of the squads one and done selections before we close the book on Houston.

Mike: Steve Stricker ($0) Season Rank: 71

More of the same here for team Chasin’ A Dream. The man cannot make a good pick and it’s surprising no one. “I picked Stricker as he’s an incredibly consistent player. I was simply looking for some stability heading into Augusta. What a brutal week man. Our team needs a regroup because we are honestly lost”. Wow, Mike is feeling it in 71st. We all respect Stricks so no bad mouthing his performance as he obviously felt the burden of Mike picking him this week. He mentioned feeling a little extra pressure from somewhere after his Friday debacle and once he reads this he’ll know why. Mike is going back to the drawing board for Augusta.

Jack: Russell Henley ($182,000) Season Rank: 28

Jack didn’t get cute this week and went with the Chalky pick. Henley fired a -7 on Sunday to place a solid t-8. Pretty woaty move by Jack to go chalky but it worked out well for him and the others. “I really didn’t spend very much time this week. Not a big Henley fan but he had a great record at Houston and I bit the chalk bullet this week. Better finish than most”. I figured Jack was too focused on Augusta to put any time into this week. Relatable. He’s in a pretty good spot going into the big time tourneys.

Bear: Rafa Cabrera-Bello ($0) Season Rank: 11

RCB was simply awful. Don’t blame Bear as he has shown flashes recently and very rarely plays this poor. “What kind of performance was this? A 5 over on Friday for RCB is shocking. I’m honestly a bit rattled now. But we know there are bigger fish to fry”. Tough pick for Bear but he is in a fantastic spot heading into Augusta, but will he choke?

Me: Jhonny Vegas ($11,550) Season Rank: 30

Yes you read that right. Jhonny Vegas baby. The luck ran out on the weekend for Vegas. I pretty much sacrificed my OAD this week to the golf gods in hopes of supreme luck next week at the Masters. Apologies to Jhonny. Vegas does have a great story with moving here with virtually nothing and going to school in Austin, so I tried to parlay the feel good mojo and comfortable conditions this week. However, it predictably backfired. Horrendous pick by me. You can’t win em’ all folks. On to the quest for another Green Jacket.





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