Show Me the Money!!

Who is ready to make some cash this week! I hope you folks are. I am going to do my best to give you gamblers some great Draft Kings picks so you can assemble the ultimate DK squad and take home some spending dough. Full disclosure I do not play the big money games, and my record is very average. But that stops now, you fans have given me extra motivation. The criteria for my selections will not be the in depth numbers you see from all of the DK “experts” out there. I am going with a few simple routes to determine picks:

  1. Do I like this player? Very rarely will I pick a player to ride in DK if I don’t like watching them. Gotta enjoy the grind.
  2. How is their current form? I’m a believer in guys who are confident have the best chance to win. Unless their name is Si Woo Kim.
  3. Course history – ideally our guys have had prior success at the tournament.
  4. Gut call – I tend to ride my gut more than most people. Bear with me on these ones haha. Usually they’re gold. Sometimes they’re fuckin awful. Cheers.

Let’s get to the point:

High End Picks

Fowler $11,500 / Stenson $10,500 / Phil $10,200 / Cabrera Bello $9,300

Mid Range Picks

Finau $9,000 *gut* / CH3 $8,900 / Duf Daddy $8,300

Low End Legends

Petey! $7,500 *gut* / Fritelli $7,400 / Jhonny Vegas $7,300 / Chez Mix $7,300

Punts, If you’re playing hero ball

Harkins $7,000 / Swagner $6,900 / T. Gooochhh $6,800

My two squads for the week

Team 1:

  1. Phil the thrill
  2. Cabrera Bello
  3. Duf
  4. Pieters
  5. Fritelli
  6. Tway

Team 2:

  1. Slick Rick
  2. Finau
  3. Pieters
  4. Kraft
  5. Jhonny V
  6. Chez

I have a really good feeling about this week, don’t hesitate to ride with me! Cheers and best of luck to all who play. Love to the fans as always.







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